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Our Story


The Thompsons | Grassroots Bison Ranch

We are passionate about raising healthy animals!

We are committed to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished bison, and pastured chickens allowing for the natural growth cycle of each animal. We promise to respect the created animal and the created land on which we are blessed to raise them.

The aim of our philosophy is to raise our animals with quality nutrition and health through freedom of movement, pasture management, rotational grazing, and improved soil structure which all results in healthier, tastier products for you, the consumer.

We are also committed to continuing our learning and improving our practices to ensure we always provide our customer with the best and healthiest product possible … from our farm (and family) to your table.

Thank you for your support of our ranch and our family. God Bless You.

The Thompson | Grassroots Bison Ranch


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Committed to raising a healthy product.

Our Story

Our dream of Grassroots Bison Ranch was first realized in 2012 as the answer to our growing desire to raise healthy food for ourselves, family, and community. Being acutely aware that questionable labeling guidelines and some marketing deception were causing health conscious people to unknowingly purchase an inferior product, ourselves included, we were determined to raise a healthy product with transparency and honesty.

Grassroots started with the intention to raise “a few animals”, but the ranch, which was operated with extended family, quickly grew to over 200 head of bison. We were motivated by our customers’ ongoing demand for an honest and healthy product. And, also blessed by its acceptance into several restaurants, farmer’s markets and meat shops which resulted in continued growth.

Through a series of life trials we reached a critical moment when we realized the need for a “wise pause” in order to reset and recommit to our original goal and ongoing conviction to our priorities of God and family. So, we restructured, slowed down, and started over. After acquiring the current property in 2018, we went to work healing the soil and planning for a new start. With the addition of the current bison herd to the property, the dream was once again realized. We are committed to raising bison, chicken, and beef coming soon in a manner that is healthy for the animal, the land, and your family. All of it raised with love by our family, for yours!

Our Philosophy of Raising

We are committed to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished bison, and pastured chickens by using the following methods of raising.

We do not use hormones for breeding or growth promotion, antibiotics, feed additives or grain.

We do not use chemical fertilizers, chemical fungicides, or chemical insect sprays in any pasture.

We believe that freedom of movement is critical for the health of our animals and provide open natural pastures (no cages).

Our aim to provide our animals with the best nutrition through pasture management and rotational grazing,

We are healing the soil in our pastures by planting deep-rooted forbs, legumes and grasses, which will decrease compaction, increase the drought tolerance of the vegetation, and attract and support pollinators (bees, butterflies, beetles, hummingbirds),

We allow for the symbiotic relationship of the plants with mycorrhizal fungi – a root fungus that benefits over 80% of all plant species by providing improved soil structure and allowing access to large amounts of water and nutrients (particularly nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and copper).

We guarantee transparency and honesty about how your food was raised.

We are committed to continued education and improvement of our practices to ensure we always provide our customer with the best and healthiest product possible.

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